About us

Cottages in Ontario is a directory of cottages for rent in Ontario. Using simple but efficient tools for advertising, this website is a starting point regarding cottage rentals and reservations for all regions of Ontario.

Cottages in Ontario is not an intermediary but rather a link between you and the different cottage owners. In other words, you decide which owners to contact directly.

For visitors...

This website’s main purpose is to offer a wide variety of cottages for rent in Ontario. It aims to provide all the necessary tools facilitating your search based on your own criteria.

Each listing is managed by the owner and gives you detailed and relevant information to help you find the best cottage.

Cottages in Ontario is the starting point to meet all your needs regarding cottage rentals and reservations in Ontario.

For cottage owners...

Cottages in Ontario is the perfect directory in order to obtain a maximum visibility with a specific clientele regarding your cottage rental services.

Using the most advanced technologies and an optimized design to obtain excellent search engine positioning, the website is in constant evolution with the convenience of the most popular social networks. Everything is implemented to attract new visitors from all around the world.

The listing positioning in Cottages in Ontario’s search engine is in relation with the type of package selected and the listing’s activation date. Therefore, the earlier you activate your listing, the better its positioning and this for as long as you continue to renew it.

With the use of our management interface always available and user friendly, you only need a few clicks to update the content of your listing. The modifications apply automatically. The different management tools available allow you to provide all the necessary information to your users in order to help them find the best cottage... yours!

Don’t wait any longer, list your cottage on Cottages in Ontario now!